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P. O. Box 12484,
Addis Ababa,

Physical Address
Addis Ababa,
Hayahulet Mazoriya ,
Behind Dinberwa Hospital

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Action Professionals' Association for the People (APAP)

Action Professionals' Association for the People (APAP) is a not-for profit, non-partisan and indigenous non-governmental organization established by legal and other professionals in 1993. APAP is currently engaged in the facilitation of basic socioeconomic services to the poor and marginalized through CBOs and other pertinent stakeholders.


APAP Re-registers as Ethiopian Resident Charity

. After a year long preparation and concerted effort APAP was re-registered as an Ethiopian Resident Charity, as per the Charities and Civil Societies Proclamation No 621, 2009, on January 29 2010. The certificate of registration that APAP received from the Agency...More...

APAP's General Assembly Approves Activity Financial and Audit Report for the Year 2009

APAP APAP's General Assembly heard and approved the yearly activity, financial and audit report of the year 2009.... More...

APAP Undergoing an Organization Development (OD)

So as to develop coping up mechanisms and adaptation facilities that would enable APAP to smoothly implement its activities APAP is undertaking its organizational Development...More...

APAP Carries out Baseline survey

APAP carried out a baseline survey in all operational areas aimed at among others to gather baseline information that enables APAP to redefine its intervention strategies and approaches as ...More...

APAP carried out the Institutional Capacity Development Component of the Enhancing Access to Justice in South Omo zone Project

The institutional capacity building component of the “Enhancing Access to Justice in South Omo” Project, which has been implemented by APAP in collaboration with Christian Aid, was carried ... More...

APAP Transmits TV Dramas on Human Right Themes

APAP succeeded in airing two of the three dramas on specific human right themes i.e. the rights of people with disability ...More...

APAP Documents Best Advocacy Initiatives

APAP undertook a documentation of its best advocacy initiatives with a view to avail the valuable experience acquired... More...

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